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Viaje Zombie Cigars

Viaje Zombie Cigars


The Viaje Zombie Cigars are a extremely limited edition release. We are lucky to be one of few retailers to be selling the Viaje Zombie's! First released in 2011 and annually since then, the Zombie cigar is created in very small batches making it a very limited cigar.

The Zombie's come in a 5 x 52 tapered Perfecto, and comes in 20 count boxes. It is available in two wrappers, a Criollo (Green Band) and a Maduro (Red Band) with a new edition release in 2015 the Antidote a 6 1/4 x 44 Perfecto packed in plastic jars. While the blends are relatively unknown, besides being comprised of Nicaraguan tobacco, the Viaje Zombie has always been known as a full bodied powerhouse of a cigar,

Featured Description
Shape: Tapered Perfecto
Size: 5 x 52 & 6.25 x 44
Strength: Full

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