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Room 101 CigarsRoom 101 Cigars

About Room 101 Cigars

Room 101 cigars are proof that there’s more to cigars than just the smoke – there’s a lifestyle to go with it. Made by Camacho Cigars through a partnership with parent company Davidoff of Geneva, have quickly grown into one of the most talked-about smokes on the scene.

Matt’s introduction to cigars came by way of some shared smokes at an after party, then reinforced by frequent visits to a local tobacco shop.

It was from there that Booth’s immersion in the cigar culture became complete: Room 101 Cigars was launched in 2009 in conjunction with Camacho, rising quickly to become one of the premier boutique cigars. Matt Booth’s smokes featured small batch blends of fully aged tobaccos that delivered medium-full body and flavor in each of his Room 101 premium cigars.

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