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Travel Humidors

Travel Size Humidors

Travel Size Humidors

Tobacco Locker offers top-quality selection of Travel Humidors that will keep your favorite premium stogies in perfect smoking condition whenever or wherever you may go. A fresh cigar is vital for any smoker, so it’s imperative that you preserve yours with care. Cigar humidors are designed to ensure the quality and standing of a good smoke. We carry some of the best and most stylish portable units in the industry that can hold anywhere from five or more cigars.

Whether you are on the go or enjoying a nice smoke at home, Tobacco Lockers choice of humidifiers and humidor accessories will uphold the tobacco’s taste and look impressive while doing so.

Check Out Our Travel Selection Below Or Our Complete Line Here For All Your Personal Needs

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CroMagnon Monolith Travel Case with Cigars
CMMONOLITH CroMagnon Monolith Travel Case with Cigars
Blackburn Travel Humidor
6110 Blackburn Travel Humidor
Cigar Caddy 10 Travel Humidor
CC10 Cigar Caddy 10 Travel Humidor
Golf Bag Cigar Humidor
AE008GBT Golf Bag Humidor
Humidor Bag Medium
902700 Humidor Bag Medium
Knight Travel Humidor
6620 Knight Travel Humidor
Prometheus Walnut Travel Humidor
HTRAVELWL Prometheus Walnut Travel Humidor
Soft Traveling Humidor Set
THUM1570 Soft Traveling Humidor Set
Tommy Bahama Marlin Cigar Travel Humidor Black
Tommy Bahama Marlin Cigar Travel Humidor White
Tommy Bahama Overnighter Cigar Case Brown Leather
Travel Humidor Black
TLTHBLACK Travel Humidor Black
Travel Humidor Red
TLTHRED Travel Humidor Red
Waterman Travel Humidor
5512 Waterman Travel Humidor
Xikar PuroTemp Remote Sensor
837XI-2 Xikar PuroTemp Remote Sensor
Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer
XDH813 Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer

Travel Size Humidors