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AVO Cigars

AVO Cigars

About AVO Cigars

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, AVO is known for having a classic and distinct mellow to medium-bodied flavor profile by using only the most carefully selected and refined tobaccos. No blend shows this off better than AVO Classic, a fine cigar with a smooth taste and wonderful aroma. In 2016, AVO released the follow-up to their popular Syncro Nicaragua blend with AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata, a medium to full-bodied firecracker blend with loads of flavor including wood, leather, cinnamon, and a slightly sweet finish.

You will find the complete line of AVO cigars available at including the AVO, Signature Series, AVO Heritage, AVO Classic, AVO Maduro, AVO Domaine Series, AVO XO Series and the AVO Limited Edition Series Cigars.

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