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Flavored Cigars

Flavored Cigars

Time For A Flavored Cigar!

Most people think of flavored cigars as small tobacco trimmings soaked in a cherry or vanilla flavored ‘brine’ and covered in a sugar soaked wrapper leaf. As distasteful as this may sound, it can be true with your lesser-known brands. However, the tides continue to change and the market for flavored cigars has been flourishing over the past few years. And, with brands like CAO’sFlavours, Gurkha’s Grand Reserve, Torano’s Decadencia, Drew Estate’s ACID, blends, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Using new technologies within the curing process, the bar of quality has been raised to new heights. So even if it’s not your cup of tea, why not try a flavored cigar or give it another try if your first experience wasn’t great. The definition of “flavored” is not what it used to be. You may actually be impressed, and find a nice ‘change of pace smoke’ along the way.

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Cafe Creme Aroma Cigarillos
82191-PG Cafe Creme Aroma
Price $12.52 - $55.20
Cafe Creme Blue Cigarillos
80137-PG Cafe Creme Blue
Price $55.20
CAO Bella Vanilla Cigarillos
80131-PG CAO Bella Vanilla
Price $17.00 - $117.00
CAO Bella Vanilla Corona Cigars
80128-PG CAO Bella Vanilla Corona
Price $81.00
CAO Bella Vanilla Petite Corona Cigars
80127-PG CAO Bella Vanilla Petite Corona
Price $75.00
CAO CherryBomb Cigarillos
80106-PG CAO CherryBomb
Price $17.00 - $117.00
CAO CherryBomb Corona Cigars
80104-PG CAO CherryBomb Corona
Price $81.00
CAO CherryBomb Petit Corona Cigars
80103-PG CAO CherryBomb Petit Corona
Price $75.00
CAO Earth Nectar Petite Corona Cigars
80123-PG CAO Earth Nectar Petite Corona
Price $24.00
CAO Gold Honey Corona Cigars
80120-PG CAO Gold Honey Corona
Price $86.00
CAO Moontrance Cigarillos
80113-PG CAO Moontrance
Price $17.49 - $120.50
CAO Moontrance Corona Cigars
80109-PG CAO Moontrance Corona
Price $81.00
CAO Moontrance Petite Corona Cigars
80107-PG CAO Moontrance Petite Corona
Price $72.00
CAO Moontrance Small Cigars
80108-PG CAO Moontrance Small
Price $17.99 - $124.00
Trader Jack Cigars Bundle of 20
230000 Trader Jack Cigars Bundle of 20

Flavored Cigars