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Colibri Apex Lighter Red
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Colibri Apex Lighter Red

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SKU:  LI410T3

Colibri Apex Single-Jet Lighter, Red

Detailed Description

Colibri Apex Lighters find their design inspiration from auto racing, even the lighter name apex for the precision point where the driver increases the throttle for the fastest exit out of a turn. Apex lighters privide you that same presision for lighting your cigar with a robust single-jet flame. The light is efforless with a single-action push-up trigger. Air intakes on the front and side feed oxygen to the burners. The fuel window is reflectively tinted blue and positioned on the front of the body for quick fuel level readings. Just like in race cars A roll cage just like in race cars wraps from the front to the back to help protect the beautiful paint when placed on a tabletop or other surface. A pachmayr pattern the first choice of shooters, gunsmiths, law enforcement professionals and firearm manufacturers for top quality handgun gripscovers covers the sides and back of the body to provide a secure grip while handling. At the bottom, the large fuel adjuster easily moderates the flame height. Easy-to-use fuel adjuster Single-jet flame Easy-to-read blue fuel level window Wind resistant Single-action ignition Refillable butane Gift box included Two-year Warranty. ALL LIGHTERS SHIP EMPTY OF BUTANE FUEL. Colibri Apex Jet Flame Lighter Red

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