Ashton Classic Cigars
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Ashton Classic Cigars

Ashton Classic Cigars

About Ashton Classic Cigars

Ashton has quickly become one of the most popular high end brands on the market and is one of the finest cigars rolled at Chateau Fuente. Ashton is a mild to medium-bodied Dominican cigar sporting a Connecticut shade wrapper. Unlike most cigars produced at Chateau de la Fuente, this blend is known for an exquisitely rich flavor with a short, concise finish.

The aroma is toasty and filled with competing flavors of wood and cashews with a light, spicy aftertaste. Impeccably constructed, Ashton Classic allows for an easy draw, which produces clouds of milky smoke with a perfect burn from start to finish.

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Ashton Classic 898 Cigars
CAS898-PG Ashton Classic 898
Price $41.00 - $194.50
Ashton Classic Churchill Cigars
CASCH-PG Ashton Classic Churchill
Price $47.50 - $225.00
Ashton Classic Corona Cigars
CASCO-PG Ashton Classic Corona
Price $39.00 - $170.00
Ashton Classic Double Magnum Cigars
CASDM-PG Ashton Classic Double Magnum
Price $55.00 - $237.50
Ashton Classic Esquire Cigarillos
CASES-PG Ashton Classic Esquire
Price $22.50 - $201.50
Ashton Classic Magnum Cigars
CASMA-PG Ashton Classic Magnum
Price $40.00 - $190.50
Ashton Classic Majesty Cigars
CASMAJ-PG Ashton Classic Majesty
Price $56.00 - $251.50
Ashton Classic Prime Minister Cigars
CASPM-PG Ashton Classic Prime Minister
Price $45.70 - $215.50
Ashton Classic Sovereign Cigars
CASSO-PG Ashton Classic Sovereign
Price $54.25 - $257.50
Ashton Mini Cigarillos 10 Pack
CASMI100-PG Ashton Mini 10 Pack
Price $9.98 - $89.75
Ashton Connecticut Half Corona Cigars 10 Packs of 5
Ashton Connecticut Half Corona Cigars Box of 5
CASCSHC50-1 Ashton Connecticut Half Corona Cigars Box of 5

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