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Tatuaje Para Pi Cigars

Tatuaje Para Ti Cigars

About Tatuaje Para Ti Cigars

Para Ti Cigars are a new offering by Tatuaje. The blend was created by Fred Schrader, an avid wine blender and creator of some of Napa Valley's best wines. Using his experience blending wine, he brought a new cigar blend to Tatuaje owner Pete Johnson who agreed to produce it. This cigar is now called the Para Ti. The appearance of the Para Ti Original cigar is that of rustic simplicity. The wrapper is a rich, medium brown color. While it may not be the most eye catching product, it certainly doesn’t lack in flavor. This Dominican Cigar offers a perfect balance of strength and flavor that seems to fit every smoker's palate. This is a great stick to begin your day with, so make sure that you try one the next time the opportunity presents itself.

Para Ti Original cigars include the following:

Para Ti Original Canonazos, Para Ti Original Hermosos, Para Ti Original Perlas, and Para Ti Original Prominentes. The Canonazos is available in 6" X 48, the Hermosos is available in 5 1/2" x 52, the Perlas is available in 5" x 40, and the Prominentes is available in a 6" x 60 ring gauge.

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