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El Gueguense
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El Gueguense
 based on 1 Customer Reviews
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El Gueguense Cigars

ELGUCHURCH-5Wise Man El Gueguense Churchill 5 Pack$50.40
ELGUCHURCHWise Man El Gueguense Churchill Cigars$238.00
ELGUECGORDA-5Wise Man El Gueguense Corona Gorda 5 Pack$45.45
ELGUECGORDAWise Man El Gueguense Corona Gorda Cigars$214.60
ELGULANCERO-5Wise Man El Gueguense Lancero 5 Pack$57.15
ELGULANCEROWise Man El Gueguense Lancero Cigars$140.30
ELGUROBUSTO-5Wise Man El Gueguense Robusto 5 Pack$48.15
ELGUROBUSTOWise Man El Gueguense Robusto Cigars$227.35
ELGUTORO-5Wise Man El Gueguense Toro Huaco 5 Pack$54.90
ELGUTOROWise Man El Gueguense Toro Huaco Cigars$259.25
ELGUTORP-5Wise Man El Gueguense Torpedo 5 Pack$52.65
ELGUTORPWise Man El Gueguense Torpedo Cigars$248.60
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El Gueguense Cigars

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 based on 1 Customer Reviews
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Review On May 6, 2017 by Bill Sturdevant of PORT CHARLOTTE, FL
 based on 0 Customer Reviews
Title: Excellent Smoke
Comments: "The Wise Man" is an excellent smoke, pleasant, comfortable and relaxing. My palate is not as refined as some, but I really enjoyed this stick, and I feel it is a good choice for a wise man!