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Camacho Double Shock Cigars

Camacho Double Shock Cigars

About Camacho Double Shock Cigars

Camacho DoubleShock is another limited edition cigar from Camacho. Wrapped in two wrappers (Ecuadorian Habano and San Andres Mexican) this barber-pole will have four fillers, Criollo, Corojo, Cubita, and Pennsylvanian. The binder will be a Criollo tobacco. The dual wrappers are striped around each cigar creating a distinctive barber pole effect. These eye-catching beauties are robust, bold, and spicy, and are limited to 1,000 boxes of each size. The cigars are presented in stunning black and red boxes in pairs that are held together by a larger band.

    • Strength: Medium to Full
    • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano & San Andres Maduro
    • Origin: Honduras

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Camacho Double Shock Churchill Cigars
56768-PG Camacho Double Shock Churchill
Price $192.00
Camacho Double Shock Figurado Cigars
56769-PG Camacho Double Shock Figurado
Price $200.00

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