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Drew Estate Natural Cigars

Drew Estate Natural Cigars

About Drew Estate Natural Cigars

The Natural cigar line by Drew Estate is handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua with a host of different gourmet long-leaf tobaccos from Syria, Haiti, Turkey, Dominican Republic and St. James Parish. Exceptional draw leading to incomparable flavor. These cigars impart a unique, distinctive taste which you won’t find anywhere else.

Each size in the line is a different blend and therefore offers a very distinct flavor profile.


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Natural Big Jucy Cigars
NBigJucy-PG Natural Big Jucy
Price $30.00 - $113.00
Natural Clean Robusto Cigars
Nclean-PG Natural Clean Robusto
Price $33.10 - $148.35
Natural Dirt Cigars
Ndirt-PG Natural Dirt
Price $28.00 - $101.00
Natural Dirt Torpedo Cigars
NDirtTorp-PG Natural Dirt Torpedo
Price $31.85 - $132.00
Natural English Cigars
Nenglish-PG Natural English
Price $33.75 - $147.00
Natural Jucy Lucy Cigars
Nlucy-PG Natural Jucy Lucy
Price $22.99 - $131.00
Natural NDB Cigars
Price $33.00 - $135.00
Natural Root Cigars
Nroot-PG Natural Root
Price $34.00 - $148.00
Natural Root Deluxe Cigars
NRoot Deluxe-PG Natural Root Deluxe
Price $41.00 - $85.50

Drew Estate Natural Cigars

  • Big Jucy: an extra-big, extra-juicy, Jucy Lucy
  • Clean Robusto: naturally sweet and rich
  • Dark Angel: a chunky torpedo with a rich, sweet, and complex medium-full flavor.
  • Dirt: black as night; delicately seasoned; hints of mocha
  • Dirt Torpedo: a bigger, dirtier version of the Dirt in a Torpedo size
  • English: medium to full with superior balance in richness and sweetness
  • Egg: an intriguing flavor, aroma, and rabbit-in-a-snake appearance
  • Jucy Lucy: Cameroon wrapper; small size; hint of caramel, smooth
  • Ltd. Irish Hops: dark, rich, creamy, with a sweet finish; complex and medium in body.
  • Ltd. Pimp Stick: Cameroon wrapper; medium-bodied, major flavor; exotic blend; rich, smooth, subtle
  • Medusa: a funky culebra offering 3 rich, mocha-filled cigars in one.
  • "NDB": a 7"x44 lonsdale version of Dirt. Natural Dirt Blend.
  • Root: mocha cappuccino taste; hearty flavors
  • Root Deluxe: a 6"x50 version of the Root that comes individually tubed
  • Shorty: dark, slightly sweet, and rich. Hints of mocha and chocolate.

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